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5 or 6.5 Hour Tour 

Come see what makes our island so magnificent. Customize your tour to fit your interests. There are so many wonderful sites to see and on this tour you will gain local knowledge of each site creating a very unique experience.

Price:  Starts at $70 per person for private groups of 1 -10 people

Places We Will Visit

​​•    History of the Royal Naval Dockyard
•    Heydon Trust Chapel & the construction of a Bermuda Home
•    The Somerset Bridge (the smallest drawbridge in the world)
•    The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse (15 min stop)
•    South Shore Beach and Ocean Drive
•    Horseshoe Beach (picture stop)
•    A short tour and stop in the City of Hamilton  (30 min stop)
•  Tour the North Shore side of Bermuda with a view of the           Governor's mansion
•    The old town of St. George - Bermuda's Capital from 1612 – 1815  (1 hr stop)

Minimum age:  3 years.

Although we have plenty stops for rest rooms and/or snacks, there is no eating or drinking on the buses (only water is allowed).


5 Hour Tour

$85 per person (joining up with others)**


$510 flat rate for Private Groups of 1-6 people; additional passengers: $85 per person  **



6.5 Hour Tour

  -includes time for lunch (meal not included)

$105 per person (joining up with others)**


$630 flat rate for Private Groups of 1-6 people; additional passengers: $105 per person**


Come join us and take a look into Bermuda's past! Early life was marked by resourcefulness and adaptation to the Island's unique environment. Get a glimpse of Smith's Island where the Plough arrived from England in 1612 with the first Governor and 60 settlers; Enter an authentic replica of a settlers 'Cabben' from 1612 and view its contents. The Tucker House Museum, the St. George Historic Museum and the St. Peter's Church will definitely take you back in time. Exploring these aspects of early Bermuda life will provide valuable insight into the ingenuity and resilience of the Island's early inhabitants.


Getting around the island can become expensive when you are traveling with a group, not with Bermuda Island Tours.

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Bermuda Island Tours

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